"Closed Sign"

One year apart rattles my rain structure
Unintended thanks given
Why did they converge on me?

Five days ago are filled with hate and sorrow
Unintended thanks given
I knew this would happen

3, 9, 7, 1,...I can't remember the number!
Unintended hate driven
Don't hair do my picture!

With an apple in my heart,
my throat is kind of dry
Unintended fold in living.

Escape the helix by squeezing Heart-
fruit with no salad
On an unintended Thanksgivin's.

It's a double Scorpio helix
It's a double helix Scorpio
It's a Scorpio double helix
It's a Scorpio helix doubled...

That forced me ooonnnnnnnn  .  .  .