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Stay tuned as BoneOil records cd 2 this 2003.

17 january, 2002

- George gets new pick-ups with help from Mike Steiner and not enough grief from Burre.

10 december, 2001

- Christmas with Jersey Band.
BoneOil is selected as giving one of the top eight performances in the eight years of Time Warner's Sounding Board. This special show aired December 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.

2 november, 2001

- SuppleMint performs at the Fuze Box.

20 oct, 2001

- The union is consummated in our universe. See the great day.

11 sept, 2001

- Things change. See how to help.

17 august, 2001

- Burre might get a dog. New songs come around.

26 july, 2001

- Tom Burre gets awarded "Best Guitarist (Making a Statement). See Best of 2001.

29 june, 2001

- Bone Oil on

19 may, 2001

- Somebody reaches a pivotable year as Saturn is in it's crazy new orbit.

4 apr, 2001

- Some revealing press on the Oil business. See Listen Here.

12 mar, 2001

- We play first gig with new guy on the sleak laptop. That new guy is Joe Reinsel. He creates abstract soundscapes by processing the guitar through patches he built in MAX MSP, an interactive sound program. This is pure bone oil.

22 feb, 2001

- CRUMBS just released You're Still Here - Vol.1 / 2. It's a compilation of Capital Region music. "Fort Lounge" is the BoneOil contribution. Go get one.

10 jan, 2001

- BoneOil's "the Mist of Lust" received best album of the year by Metroland music critic, J.Eric Smith.

- And a summer2000 live performance was also noted by Ben Chadabe, in the Times Union's year in review.

2 dec, 2000

Politics: See where they get the big bucks. Info on corporate dirt. Alternative solutions.

27 nov, 2000

Savannah's, N.Pearl St., Albany, NY. "Monday-night-jazz" improv series- Ghost Names. Number F in the series featuring: Tom Burre on guitar and electronics, Warren Burt on lap top and other electric gadgets, Ben Chadabe on percussion, and James Lanni on saxophones. A marriage of acoustic and electronic instruments.

15 oct, 2000

We taped a set for the cable tv show Sounding Board.

16 sep, 2000

Check out pics and set list info from Larkfest 2000.

27 jul, 2000

We were just voted Best Freakout (highbrow) Band by Metroland.

20 jun, 2000

Available now is the new boneoil cd "the mist of lust". The cd can be ordered directly from


tom burre - guitars, synthesizer, vocals
todd hinman - drums, sampler
george muscatello - bass
joe reinsel - computer

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