Some boneoil and misc Tom Burre mp3s:

Appointed Citizen
Blue Tang
Wave Sign
Robbing Spain
Ulmer Fudge
Fort Lounge
Sister Sun

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Current berries:

Ghost Names presented
''Vocal Poker: Bet with your soul, win with your breath'' on May Day, Saturday May 1st at the Lark Tavern in Albany.
It featured Katie Haverly, Nick Matulis, Bryan Thomas, and Tom Burre.
A video might be available in the future.
Special thanks to Seamus and The Sifters

Future DVD developement is expected in the audio/video collaboration of Joe Reinsel and Tom Burre. The project debutted on April 26, 2004 at the Chapel + Cultural Center at RPI campus, Troy NY.
Special thanks to J.Eric Smith for putting on the C+CC show

Technical Animal Fat, the second Bone Oil cd, is still on it's way to the freezer. Be cool!

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